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in Managing Your Restaurant.

Everything you need to know about your restaurant's growth – from filling your
seats to your guest's preferences and dining history, intelligently wrapped in one website.

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What Can TiM Do?

TiM took all the industry essentials on a higher level. You will not only be able to reach every customer but to offer a 24/7 online table reservation via the website.

  • Digital reservation book
  • Guest information about booked tables
  • Digital guest list (COVID 19 compliant tracking)
  • Highest standards in data security
  • Hosting in Germany
  • 100% GDPR compliant

Manage Your
Guest Flow - Fast

Our website (software) will help you connect and nurture relationships with your guests, and give you all the correct data to run your business smoothly.

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Restaurant Manager

Earnings Will Be Invested
in Local Green Projects

Keeping all vital information in one place is a compelling solution. It will help you with getting the right insight into your investment and its performance. TiM does precisely that along with its regional and ecological approach.

And it’s not just that. We plan to invest all our earnings in regional and local green projects, creating a sustainable base for continuous growth.

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TiM in
Your Restaurant

Our planning, management, and analytic features help you manage reservations and crowds, speeding up your table management.

TiM has fixed monthly costs. You don’t have to worry about any variable fees per guest or no-shows. Our pricing solely depends on the sizeof the restaurant and the total number of available seats.

You may choose between 5 different classes of restaurants:
XS – up to 50 available seats
S – between 50 and 100 available seats
M – between 100 and 250 available seats
L – between 250 and 400 available seats
XL – everything above 400 available seats

Integration & Support

TiM is offering 24/7 support and free training for your employees. Our personalized guest management feature works offline and has POS integration available.

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Learn More About TiM

We are an easy-to-use solution for restaurants of all shapes and sizes. Our software is a perfect tool for supercharging your management and boosting your customers' dining experience. We are here to connect all the necessary dots in running your reservations and help you properly connect with your valued customers. Our software will help you increase your bookings and re-connect with diners by understanding their favorites and reward true loyalty.

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